Custom Series

Award winning & unique

Spa Boy®

The most advanced Automated Water Care System is available on this hot tub!

Health Canada PMRA Registration number: 32253


Water Volume:

411 US Gallons / 1556 litres


Height: 98cm / 39″
Width: 235cm / 93″
Length: 235cm / 93″

Seats: 7

Capacity: 7


Maybe the best combination of Comfort and Capacity to be found anywhere.

We’ve managed to fit in 4 of our amazing Shuttle seats ,3 more multi level seats and still keep a massive footwell.

If your looking for serious comfort but still room for family and friends then the Tundra may be the tub for you





Platinum Swirl


*Models displayed are representative of colors ONLY and may not be the model described.

Choose your spa jet configuration by selecting an option below:

Jets: 60 – Pumps: 4

Jets: 60 – Pumps: 3

Jets: 40 – Pumps: 3

Jets: 40 – Pumps: 2

Jets: 20 – Pumps: 1

Optional Features

The ability to customize an Arctic Spa is one of the best features of the brand.

Choose exactly what you want and need.