Should I Buy
A Hot Tub or Swim Spa?

If you are wondering about which will be more beneficial, both can be. While either one will be a welcome addition to your home, there are significant differences and uses for each.

Depending on your budget and what you are more interested in using the tub for, they vary in price and in their functions. There is a difference in size, as well, in case you have limited yard space.


Hot Tub vs All Weather Pool

While both the hot tub and the swim spa can be used year-round, people who love to swim prefer the swim spa.


Should You Buy A Hot Tub?

Hot tubs are great for relaxing in. You can have jet streams or not and they usually hold about 4-8 people, depending on their size. If you just want it for a few, the smaller ones are less expensive and will be ideal for smaller spaces.

The hot tub is great for those who are looking to relax and help ease the pain of sore muscles. Great for muscle strain, arthritis, stress, or other painful maladies. If you struggle with any of these you will find a hot tub will be your best friend.

They can also be very romantic. Sitting outside with the sun going down, a glass of champagne and your one true love. What better way to have an intimate and relaxing date night.


Should You Buy A Swim Spa?

All-weather pools are bigger than a hot tub but smaller enough if you don’t have room for a pool. They are perfect even if you have a pool but live with cold-weather half the year.

A swim spa allows you to swim against a current of water to help you get and stay fit, train and enjoy swimming at home year-round. The jet streams in the all-weather pool are powerful enough to let you get a great workout.

They often come with a hot tub section, so you really get the best of both worlds with it. Enjoy swimming and relaxing, for you and your friends or family.



The All-Weather Pools will be larger but they don’t really require much more maintenance. Our swim spas and our hot tubs are made for tough climates and will last a long time, so regular cleaning and changing the water will keep your tub or pool functioning a long time.



The swim spas will be a bit more expensive but that isn’t going to be much. Many extra features of the hot tub or the all-weather pool can drive that up. It will once again depend on what you want it to do.

Special seats, jet streams, Bluetooth, lights, music, and massage, plus many other features are available. Why not get your own swim spa or hot tub custom made to make sure you get exactly what you need.

If you are concerned about the cost, we have refurbished hot tubs with limited warranties that may be more suitable for you.

Using these will increase your energy bill, depending on what type of energy you use. This may add up in the winter months.


Soak or Swim … Or Both

Some companies build Swim Spa with a separate hot tub section. Our All Weather Pools have all of it in the same shell. Here is a picture of our top selling Ocean below. The Hot Tub seating and jetting is at the top. 

All Weather Pool Arctic Ocean

Ideally if you like to swim and relax an All Weather Pool with Hot Tub seating and jetting is the best way to go.

They don’t take up much more room than a regular hot tub and you get so much more out of it. If you have an active family or are a new homeowner, a swim spa could be the perfect year-round ‘gym’ you are looking for.

Contact us for more information or any questions you may have. We are an award-winning company and as the name says, Arctic Spas are made with cold weather in mind. Watch our video to get to know us a little better.